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DI Dr. Monika STURM Principal Key Expert, Siemens AG Austria, Vienna


1987 Entrance to Siemens Austria: R&D in the area of Artificial Intelligence
1990-1993 Cooperation with the Central Research and Development Department Siemens Munich
1993-1997 Maternity leave (3 children)
1997-1998 Project management of research project "EnergyWorks"
1998-1999 Head, Development/marketing of dezentralized energy management products
1999-2000 Head, Business Development (PTD EM IT) at Siemens Austria
2000-2002 Head, The Subdivision IT
2001-2002 Responsible for Global Alliances for Siemens PTD Energy Management
since 2002 University teaching position: Lecturer at the Leibniz University Hannover
2002-2004 Head of PTD EM S&I Siemens Austria
2004-2008 Head of Regional Business Coordination at Siemens PTD Headquarter
2008-2012 Head of E D SE for Central East Europe and Head of Metering Service Europe
2012-2014 Joint CT TIP in Vienna as Senior Manager for Sustainable Cities