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Dr. Nebojsa NAKICENOVIC Deputy Director General and Deputy Chief Executive Officer, IIASA - International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg; Emeritus Professor of Energy Economics, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna


1973-1984 Research Scholar, Energy Systems Program, IIASA
1984-1986 Research Scholar, Science and Technology Program, IIASA
1986-1991 Leader, The Dynamics of Technological Project, IIASA
1986-1991 Acting Leader, Technology, Economy and Society Program, IIASA
1991-2000 Leader, Environmentally Compatible Energy Strategies Project, IIASA
1993-1995 Convening Lead Author, Second Assessment Report IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
1993-1998 Director, Global Energy Perspectives, WEC - World Energy Council
1993-2003 Guest Professor, Technical University of Graz
1997-2000 Coordinating Lead Author, Special Report on Emissions Scenarios, IPCC
1998-2000 Convening Lead Author, WEA - World Energy Assessment
1998-2001 Lead Author, Third Assessment Report of the IPCC
2003-2005 Coordinating Lead Author, MEA - Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
2003-2007 Co-Leader, Greenhouse Gas Initiative Program, IIASA
2000-2008 Leader, Transitions to New Technologies Program, IIASA
since 2003 University Professor of Energy Economics, VUT - Vienna University of Technology
since 2005 Director, GEA - Global Energy Assessment
since 2009 Deputy Director, IIASA