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Mag. Nicole THURN Journalist, Careers and Business Section, KURIER, Vienna


2005 Research Assistant, European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, Unesco-Project "International Coalition of Cities against Racism", Graz
2006 Research Assistant, Peripherie, Institute for Practical Gender Research, EU-Project, Graz
2007-2010 Online Editor (News, Politics), kurier.at, Vienna
since 2010 Journalist, KURIER, Career and Business Section, Vienna


Kapeller D., Thurn N.: "Starting lifelong learning - ways to increase the participation of disqualified women". Expertise for the EU-Project "Learn Forever", Graz, 2006
Kohlhoser G., Prinzl U., Starl K., Stocker A., Thurn N., Vivona M.: "The European Coalition of Cities against Racism. Study on Measures taken by Municipalities and Recommendations for further Action to Challenge Racism through Education." UNESCO, 2006
Kapeller D., Malli G., Thurn N.: "Measuring and Rewarding Excellence in Academic Careers". Graz, 2004
Master Thesis: "Discrimination of binational couples - a challenge for Intercultural Education", 2004


Medienlöwin 2011 (Team)