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BA Noah WEINSTEIN Creative Program Director and Consultant; Founder, Autodesk's Pier 9 Workshop and Residency Program, San Francisco, CA


2006-2011 Head of Production, Instructables.com, San Francisco, CA
2006-2013 Lead Raft Guide, American River Touring Association, Idaho, Oregon, Utah & California Rivers
2011-2012 Senior Editor, Instructables.com, San Francisco, CA
2013-2014 Project Manager, Autodesk, San Francisco, CA
2014-2018 Senior Creative Programs Manager, Autodesk, San Francisco, CA


Strozzi Institute, Leadership in Action 1&2, School of Embodied Leadership, SI Somatic Coaching Course


Weinstein N., "Extraordinary Projects for Ordinary People: Do-It-Yourself Ideas from the People Who Actually Do Them", Skyhorse Publishing, 2012
137 projects published at https://www.instructables.com/member/noahw/