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Ph.D. Noam SOBEL Principal Investigator, Olfaction Research Group, Department of Neurobiology, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot


1999 PhD Neuroscience, Stanford University
2000 Postdoctoral fellow, Caltech biology
2001-2005 Assistant Professor, Neuroscience UC Berkeley
2005-2007 Associate Professor, Neuroscience UC Berkeley
2007-2010 Associate Professor, Neurobiology Weizmann Institute
since 2010 Professor, Neurobiology Weizmann Institute


SFN - Society for Neuroscience
ECRO - European Chemoreception Research Organization
ACHEMS - Association for Chemoreception Sciences
ISFN - Israel Society for Neuroscience


Sobel, N., Prabhakaran, V., Desmond, J., Glover, G., Sullivan, E., Goode, R. L., & Gabrieli, J.D.E: Sniffing and Smelling: Separate subsystems in the human olfactory cortex. Nature. 19, 282-286, 1998
Sobel, N., Saltman, A., Khan, R., Sullivan, E., & Gabrieli, J.D.E: The world smells different to each nostril. Nature. 402, 35, 1999
Anton Plotkin, Lee Sela, Aharon Weisbrod, Roni Kahana, Lior Haviv, Yaara Yeshurun, Nachum Soroker, and Noam Sobel: Sniffing Enables Communication and Environmental Control for the Severely Disabled. PNAS 10;107(32):14413-8, 2010
Gelstein S, Yeshurun Y, Rozenkrantz L, Shushan S, Frumin I, Roth Y, Sobel N.: Human tears contain a chemosignal. Science. 331(6014):226-30, 2011


Donald B. Lindsley Prize from the Society for Neuroscience and the Grass Foundation, 2000
The Moskowitz Jacobs Inc. Young Investigator Award for Research Excellence in the Psychophysics of Taste & Smell from the Association for Chemoreception Science (ACHEMS), 2003
The Young Investigator Award from the Association for Chemoreception Science (ACHEMS), 2007
Juludan Prize for outstanding research projects in the exact sciences and advanced technologies; whose application is directly geared to medicine, awarded by the Technion, 2011