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Ing. Norbert HOFER Austrian Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Vienna


1985-1990 Federal polytechnic institute for aviation technology
1990 Interior design consultant and drafter, electric power station Pinkafeld
1991-1994 Aeronautical engineer (system engineer); Licenced Aircraft maintenance engineer second and first class, Austrian Airlines AG
1994 Organisational advisor, Association of Businesspersons of the Freedom Party; Austrian Freedom Party Burgenland
1994-1996 Campaign manager and organisational advisor, Freedom Party Burgenland
1994-2006 City Chairman, Austrian Freedom Party Eisenstadt
1996-2000 Press spokesman, government office, Burgenland
1996-2007 State party secretary, Austrian Freedom Party Burgenland
since 1996 Coach and lecturer, academy and educational institute, Austrian Freedom Party
1997-2017 Member, Municipal council, Eisenstadt
1999 Training as a coach for communicational and behavioural techniques
2000 Civil service exam for higher audit and administrative services
2000-2006 Head, State parliamentary group, Austrian Freedom Party, Eisenstadt
2004-2009 Municipal Chairman, Austrian Freedom Party Eisenstadt and surroundings
since 2005 Federal Deputy Chairman, Austrian Freedom Party
2006-2013 Deputy head of the parliamentary group of the Freedom Party
2006-2017 Member of Parliament Austrian Freedom Party
since 2006 State Deputy Chairman, Austrian Freedom Party Burgenland
2008-2012 Vice-president, Austrian Association of Persons with Disabilities
2010-2011 Member, supervisory board, Mapjet
2010-2012 Chairman, PAF
2010-2015 Social controlling, state government Burgenland
since 2010 Board member of Eurosolar Austria
2011-2012 Member, supervisory board, International Sky Services
2013-2017 Third President of Parliament