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Ola ALTERA Chief Executive, Swedish Climate Policy Council, Stockholm


1985-1990 Master of Engineering, Engineering Physics, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg
1996 Student, Enironmental Economics, Uppsala University
2004-2005 Student, Executive management program, Stockholm School of Economics
2011-2013 Representative for Kenya, Eritrea, South Sudan, UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organization
2014-2016 Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Sustainable Innovation Sweden, Stockholm
since 2016 Strategic Advisor, Sustainable Innovation Sweden, Stockholm


Member of the Board of SDAB, The non-profit organisation of the manufacturer’s responsibility for tyres in Sweden
Member of the Swedish Government’s Expert Group on Green Transition and Competitiveness
Member of the Independent Expert Panel of the review of the Clean Energy Ministerial
Member of Working Group of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA, on Resource Efficient Business Models


Från värdekedja till värdecykel - så får Sverige en mer cirkulär ekonomi (From Value Chain to Valute Cycle (how Sweden can reach a more circular economy) Swedish Government Official Report Series, 2017:22 (English summary pp 29-39).
Environmental taxes in Sweden - economic instruments of environmental policy, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, 1997, Report 4745