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Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Peter Christian KUBICEK Inhaber des Lehrstuhles für Biotechnologie und Mikrobiologie, TU Wien


1977 Dr. Sc.(Biotechnology and Food Science)
1983 Habilitation for Microbial Biochemistry (TU Wien)
1988 Habilitation for Applied Microbiology (Vienna Biocenter)
1986-2000 Head of the Division for Microbial Biochemistry at the Institute for Biochemical Technology and Microbiology at TU Wien
1991 tit. Ao. Univ. Prof. for Microbial Biochemistry (TU Wien)
 Since 2000 Head of the Research Area "Gene Technology and Applied Biochemistry" at the Institute of Chemical Engineering, TU Wien (http://www.vt.tuwien.ac.at/division/index.php?division_id=1)
2003 Appointment as a full professor (Univ. Prof.) for Biotechnology and Microbiology at TU Wien


American Society of Microbiology
American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
New York Academy of Sciences


ca.250 original articles in international peer reviewed journals, more than 50 book articles, editor of 4 books
See list at www.vt.tuwien.ac.at/people/Kubicek


Honorary member of the Hungarian Society of Microbiology