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Dr. Petra KÜNKEL Full Member, Club of Rome; Co-Founder and Executive Director, Collective Leadership Institute GmbH, Potsdam


 Petra Kuenkel is an accomplished author in the field of sustainability transformations and a leading strategic advisor to pioneering international multi-stakeholder initiatives that tackle common goods and aim at transformative change. As a Full Member of the International Club of Rome and the founder and executive director of the Collective Leadership Institute, she promotes the scaling-up of collective leadership and collaboration skills for change agents in sustainability transformations from the private sector, public sector and civil society. She has developed a science and practice based breakthrough methodology for transformative change and is an expert in strategy designs for complex cross-sector partnering and large-scale multi-stakeholder initiatives. An industrial psychologist by profession, her teaching areas include applied systems thinking and leadership in complex systems. With projects all over the world, the Collective Leadership Institute (CLI) is an internationally operating non-profit organization focusing on thought leadership, executive education and sustainability transformation support.