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Dr. Rob DE WIJK Director of the Clingendael Security and Conflict Programme (CSCP) and the Conflict Research Unit (CRU), Clingendael Centre of Strategic Studies, The Hague


1977 freelance journalist
1978-1984 studies contemporary history and international relations at the University of Groningen
1980 editor-in-chief of a publishing company specialised in journals and scientific publications
1985-1989 Political science department, University of Leiden, he was a lecturer in international relations, in particular international security (at the same time he worked as a jounalist at "De Volkskrant" and presenting a weekly programme on East-West relations and security issues in VPRO Radio)
1989 Appointed Head of the Defence Concepts Division of the Defence Staff at the Netherlands Ministry of Defence. He advised the Chief of the Defence Staff in matters relating to strategic plans and policy.
Doctorate at the University of Leiden
1991-1993 at the national level he laid the foundation of the Defence White Paper 1991 and the Defence Priorities Review, published in 1993. These white papers contain the plans for the reorganisation and the reduction of the Netherlands armed forces and for restructuring them from regular and conscript forces into all-volunteer forces. He was also responsible for the development of strategic management methods at the Ministry of Defence. Together with his staff he also contributed to studies and documents on behalf of NATO, NACC and the WEU/EU, including the Alliance Strategic Concept and supporting documents, as well as policy documents relating to peace support and crisis management.
1993 Member of the National Defence Research Council of TNO (1993). The Council forms part of TNO s Board of Management and is responsible for strategic policy relating to defence research.
1997 Secondment at the Clingendael Institute
1999 Professor in the field of International Relations, Royal Netherlands Military Academy, Breda
2000 Professor Strategic Studies, University of Leiden. Lectures on international relations, security and defence policy, European integration and crisis management.
2003 Director of the Clingendael Centre of Strategic Studies. The Centre is a joint venture of the Netherlands Institute for International Relations  Clingendael and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, TNO.
2005 Director of the Clingendael Security and Conflict Programme (CSCP), which also comprises the Conflict Research Unit (CRU)


NATO on the Brink of the New Millennium, 1997
The Art of Military Coercion, 2005