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Ph.D. Sabine JUNGINGER Head, Competence Center for Design and Management, Lucerne School of Art and Design, Lucerne


 Sabine Junginger, PhD, is the Head of the Competence Center for Research into Design and Management at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (LUASA) in Switzerland. At LUASA she co-leads the research area ‘Organizations and Leadership’ for the Interdisciplinary Theme Cluster Digital Transformation of the Work Environment. She has published widely on how human-centered design facilitates systemic changes. Her work introduces new design approaches to policy-making and policy implementation. She is Chairwoman of Politics for Tomorrow, Co-Founder of the Swiss Service Design Network, Fellow of the Hertie School of Governance (Germany) and academic advisor to a range of public sector innovation labs and innovation projects that include GovLab Austria, the European Forum Alpbach, the German University of Public Administration Sciences, Dataport, and the German ZOE Institute. Her book Transforming Public Services by Design: re-orienting services, organizations and policies around people (Routledge 2017) addresses design thinking in the public sector. Her most recent work explores the implications of a human-centered design approach to E-Government and digital transformation.