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Sarah WILDMAN Deputy Editor, Foreign Policy, Washington, D.C.


 Sarah Wildman is a deputy editor at Foreign Policy and author of Paper Love: Searching for the Girl My Grandfather Left Behind. She received the 2010 German Marshall Fund’s Peter R. Weitz Prize for European coverage. Long a regular contributor to the New York Times, Slate, and the New Yorker online, she served as global identities writer at Vox. Wildman has been a Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting Fellow (Jerusalem & Paris); Arthur F. Burns fellow in Berlin; Milena Jesenska Fellow in Vienna; and Pew Fellow in International Journalism in Paris. A former New Republic staffer, Wildman also worked for the Advocate magazine. She was the Barach nonfiction fellow at Wesleyan University (2014) and a Dart Center fellow at Columbia School of Journalism (2015).