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Stefanie KOCH CSR/SD Coordination, Holcim Group Support Ltd, Zürich


 Stefanie Koch holds a Diploma in Communication, a M.A. in Political Science from the University of Munich and a M.P.S. in International Development from Cornell University
 Prior to this appointment, Koch was affiliated with the Harvard Institute for International Development and served as a consultant for different World Bank and UNDP development projects, mainly in Vietnam, focusing on participatory methods of development, empowerment, gender equality and poverty reduction
2001 Koch joined Holcim, one of the world's largest suppliers of cement, concrete and aggregates. Kochs responsibilities as a Corporate Social Responsibility manager include the worldwide implementation of the group CSR approach, the development of CSR projects as well as implementation support and their monitoring and implementation


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Koch, Stefanie & Bui Linh Nguyen, "Child Malnutrition". In: Living Standards during an economic boom: the case of Vietnam, edited by D. Haughton, J. Haughton and Nguyen Phong, UNDP and General Statistical Office, Hanoi, Statistical Publishing House, Hanoi, Vietnam, 2004
Glewwe, Paul & Koch, Stefanie, "The Impact of Income Growth and Provision of Health-Care Services on Child Malnutrition in Vietnam", Royal Economic Society Annual Conference 2003 88, Royal Economic Society, 2003


Fellow, Sustainable Communities Leadership Progr.(SCLP) 2001
Travel Grant, M.Einaudi Ctr. for Intl. Studies, Cornell, 2001
ASA Scholarship (Carl Duisberg Foundation, Bonn), 1999