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C.Phil. Stephan DE SPIEGELEIRE Senior Scientist, The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies, The Hague


1984 B.A. Stephan studied Slavic Philology , KU Leuven
1986/1987 Master's degrees, International Affairs, Graduate Institute for International Studies, Geneva; School for International and Public Affairs of Columbia University, New York
1988-1989 Member of the Defense Study Center, Koninklijk Hoger Instituut voor Defensie [Royal Defense College], Brussels, Belgium
1989-1993 Fellow at RAND Center for Russia and Eurasia, Santa Monica, California
1993 C.Phil, in Political Science, University of California in Los Angeles
1993-1996 Staff member, Department of International Relations - Eastern Europe and CIS, Head of Policy Analysis and Methodology Working Group, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Ebenhausen, Germany
1996-1999 Senior Research Fellow, with a focus on European defence issues and relations with Russia and Ukraine, Western European Union Institute for Security Studies, Paris, France
1999-2000 Associate Political Scientist, RAND, Santa Monica, CA, USA
2000-2005 Deputy Programme Director for Defence and Security, RAND, Leiden
since 2005 Director Defence Transformation/Senior Scientist TNO Defence and Security, The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands
  Main substantive focus - European defence transformation, Security foresight, Forward defence and security planning under uncertainty, NATO, ESDP/CFSP, Network-centrism
since 2006 Instructor, War and Diplomacy, Russian History, Security Policy Analysis, Webster University Leiden


among others:
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HCSS Future Issue - Cybersecurity, 2011
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Closing The Loop. Towards Strategic Defence Management, March 2009