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Veton SURROI Member, Assembly of Kosovo, Pristina


1989 Founder of the first opposition group in Kosova, the local chapter of the UJDI (Association of a Yugoslav Democratic Initiative)
Founder of the first Independent Trade Unions of Kosova
1990 Founder and editor in chief of the independent weekly KOHA (since 1997, Daily KOHA Ditore)
1991-1992 President of the second strongest political party in Kosova (PPK)
1999 Leading member of the kosovar Albanian negotiating delegation at the Rambouillet and Paris talks


Head of the Civic movement ORA
Publisher of the kosovar daily "KOHA Ditore", and president of the KOHA Media Group


Recipient of the IFJ Annual award for journalism, 2000
NED Award for Democracy
Geunzen Award for Freedom of Holland