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PhD Vito TANZI Former Director, Fiscal Affairs Department, International Monetary Fund, Bethesda, MD


 PhD in Economics, Harvard University
1967-1974 Professor and Chairman, Economics Department, American University, Washington DC
1974-1981 Chief, Tax Policy Division, International Monetary Fund
1981-2000 Director, Fiscal Affairs Department, International Monetary Fund
1990-1994 President of the International Institute of Public Finance
2000-2001 Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
2001-2003 State Secretary in the Italian Government
 Over the years his main interests have been public finance and macroeconomics. He has had a sustained interest in fiscal developments of developing countries. In recent years he has been concerned with the long-run growth of public spending in industrial countries and more broadly with the role of the state in market economies. He has also written several papers on the economics of corruption and on the relationship between globalization and fiscal systems.


International Institution of Public Finance, Honorary President
American Economic Association


Author or editor of many books and of hundreds of articles in professional economic journals
Death of an Illusion? Decline and Fall of High Tax Economies, Politeia, London, 2006
Argentina: An Economic Chronicle, New York: Jorge Pinto Books Inc., 2007. Also published in Argentina and in Italy.
Taxation and Latin American Integration, edited by Vito Tanzi et al., Harvard University and Inter-American Development Bank, 2008
Peoples, Places and Policies: China, Japan and Southeast Asia, Jorge Pinto Books Inc., New York, 2008


He received honorary degrees from the University of Cordoba (Argentina), the University of Liege (Belgium), the University of Torino (Italy), the Univeristy of Lisbon (Portugal), and the University of Bari (Italy).