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Dipl.-Ing. Dr. M.Sc. MBA Walter BÖHME Head, Innovation Management, OMV AG, Vienna


Study of Mechanical Engineering, Vienna University of Technology Research and Development on engines, different automotive engine projects (e.g. the impact of fuels composition on emissions of HDV) Ph.D. thesis on diesel fuel and emissions of diesel engines, Institute of Internal Combustion, Vienna University of Technology 1985 Assistant, Technical University of Vienna since 1991 Employee, OMV AG 1996 Technical Marketing Services Fuels and Technical Marketing Services Lubricants, OMV AG 1996-2002 Technical Product Manager Lubricants, responsible for Research and Development of Lubricants, OMV AG 2001-2002 Finance MBA, Danube-University Krems, University of British Columbia since 2003 Head of Innovation, Innovation Management in Refining and Marketing, responsible for Research and Development - market introduction and new businesses, OMV AG since 2011 Science and Innovation Manager across the OMV Group