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Wenceslas DE LOBKOWICZ European Commission, Directorate general for Enlargement, Head of Unit: "Information and interinstitutionnal relations"


 University Education:
1976 Diploma of the "Institut d'Etudes Politiques" of Paris
1977 "Licence" in Law: University of Paris II; Public and international Law
1978 "Maîtris" in Law (Master's degree): Public and community Law
1979 "Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies" in Law (post graduate studies): Community Law;
1986 Admitted to the preparation of the "Ecole National d'Administration".
 Vocationnal Training
1988 "Civil service college" in Sunningdale, United Kingdom
1995 Salzburg Seminar (Austria) on involuntary migrations in the world
1997 "International Visitors Program" in the United States
 Work Experience
1977-79 Assistant of a Member of the French Parliament, Mr Xavier DENIAU
 Since 1979: European Commissions:
 a) 1979 Directorate General for transports
 b) 1981 Directorate General for internal market, unit "civil and economic law, citizen's rights"
 c) 1989 Secretariat general, "Abolition of internal borders"
 d) 1990 Secretariat general: Head of Section "Abolition of control on persons"
 e) 1994 Member of the Private Office of Mr Padraig FLYNN, Member of the Commission
 f) 1995 Member of the private office of Mrs Anita GRADIN, Member of the Commission
 g) 1996 Secretariat general, Task Force "Justice and Home Affairs"
  Head of Unit: "External borders, Immigration, Asylum"
 h) 1998 Directorate general: "Justice and Home Affairs"
  Head of Unit: "External relations"
 i) 2001 Directorate general for Enlargement
  Head of Unit: "Information and interinstitutionnal relations"
 Other Experience
 Member of the local council of 27640 BREUILPONT (France):
 Elected the 13 March 1977 and reelected on 6 March 1983, 12 March 1989, 10 June 1995 and 11 March 2001


Numerous publications in French, German and English in legal or political reviews and
"L'Europe et la sécurité intérieure: Une réalisation par étapes" with a foreword of Adrian FORTESCUE -
published in February 2002 by the "Documentation Francaise" (Paris) Série "Les études", 248 pages