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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang AHRENS Projektkoordinator, IDEFICS - Studie zu ernährungs- und lebensstilbedingten Erkrankungen bei Kindern; Stv. Direktor, BIPS - Institut für Epidemiologie und Präventionsforschung GmbH, Bremen


1985 Diploma in Human Biology, University Bremen.
1985-1994 Research fellow in epidemiology of work- and environment-related cancer, Bremen Institute for Prevention Research and Social Medicine, Bremen.
1995-1998 Head of the working group Epidemiology at the Institute for Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology, University Clinic Essen.
1997 PhD on "Retrospective assessment of occupational exposure in epidemiological case- control studies", University Bremen.
1998-2003 Head of the division Epidemiological Methods and Field Work, remen Institute for Prevention Research and Social Medicine, Bremen.
2000-2003 Assistant Professor for Epidemiology and Public Health, University Bremen.
since 2003 W3-professorship for Epidemiological Methods at Bremen University.
  A key focus of research are the causes of lifestyle diseases as well as their primary prevention and the scientific evaluation of intervention measures. He is currently coordinating the largest
  Europe-wide intervention study on overweight, obesity and other disorders in children conditioned by nutrition, lifestyle and social factors (www.idefics.eu) and a subsequent prospective cohort
  study on lifestyle, diet and exercise in children, adolescents and their parents (I. Family).