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Wolfgang MÜLLER-PIETRALLA Leiter, Abteilung Zukunftsforschung und Trendtransfer, Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg


 Wolfgang Müller-Pietralla studied Biology at the University of Hanover, focusing on models and simulations of ecologic systems. In 1992 he joined Volkswagen where he introduced a sustainable environmental management system. During the EXPO 2000 in Hanover Mr. Müller-Pietralla was responsible for the stage management of the permanent pavilion Rainforest House and the Autostadt. Since 2002, Mr. Müller-Pietralla has been the head of the Volkswagen Group Research department Future Affairs. Here, he and his team focus on deducting future mobility and vehicle concepts by analyzing future trends. In addition to his work at Volkswagen, Mr. Mueller-Pietralla has been giving lectures at the Free University of Berlin since October 2010.