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Ph.D. Wolfgang RINDLER Professor of Physics, The University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson


1945 B.Sc.
1947 M.Sc., University of Liverpool
1947-1949 Lecturer in Mathematics, University of Liverpool
1949-1956 Lecturer in Mathematics, University of London
1956 Ph.D. Imperial College, London
1956-1963 Instructor (2 yr) Assistant Prof. (5 yr) of Mathematics, Cornell University
1961-1962 Guest Professorship, King's College London
1963-1969 Asso. Prof. (3 yr), Prof. (3 yr), Southwest Center for Advanced Studies
1968-1969 Guest Professorship, University of Rome (La Sapienza)
since 1969 Professor of Physics, The University of Texas at Dallas
1975 and 1987 Guest Professorship, University of Vienna
1990 By-Fellowship, Churchill College, Cambridge


Foreign Member Academy of Torino, Italy
Ehrenmitglied der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaft


Visual Horizons in World-Models, Mon. Not. Roy. Astr. Soc. 116, p. 662 - 677, 1956
Spinors and Spacetime, vols I and II, with Roger Penrose, Cambridge U.P.1984, 1986
Finite Foliations of Open FRW Universes and the Point-like Big Bang, Phys. Lett. A276, p. 52-58, 2000
Relativity: Special, General, and Cosmological, 2nd ed., Oxford U.P., 2006


Gold Medal of the City of Vienna, 1996