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Wolfgang WOSOLSOBE Secretary General, Centre France Autriche, Vienna;Former Director General, European Union Military Staff, Brussels


1974 Theresianische Militärakademie, Wiener Neustadt
1977 Infantry Officer
1982-1985 General Staff Officers Course, Austrian Armed Forces
1985-1987 Defence Planner
1987-1988 École Supérieure de Guerre Interarmées and Cours Supérieur Interarmées
1989-1990 Defence Planner; Lecturer "Strategic Management Methods", Austrian Defence Academy; Chief of Staff, Territorial Command of Salzburg
1991 Military Advisor for Disarmament, Austrian Diplomatic Mission, Geneva
1992-1997 Defence Attaché (colonel) to France
1997-1998 Commander, Austrian Special Forces
1999-2005 Director for Military Policy
2001 Brigadier General
2006 Defence Policy Director, during the Austrian presidency of the EU-Council
2007 Military Representative, Brussels
Major General
2009-2010 Dean, EUMC - European Union Military Committee
2012 Director General, EUMS - European Union Military Staff
2013-2016 Lieutenant General
since 2016 Secretary General, Centre France Autriche, Vienna