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Dr. Xinxin KONG Researcher, Department of Strategic Research, National Research Center for Science & Technology for Development (NRCSTD), Beijing


1993-1997 Undergraduate student for Bachelor Degree on Accounting in Xi'an Petroleum University
1998 TA in Economy and Management department of Xi'in Petroleum University
2000 project fellow on Investment Bank Department of Hong Yuan Securities
1998-2001 Student for Master Degree on Management in Xijiang Agricultural University
2002 research assistant at the National Research Center of Science and Technology for Development (Ministry of Science and Technology in PRC)
2003 visiting researcher of European Institute of Japanese Studies (EIJS), Stockholm School of Economics
2004 intern at UNU-INTECH
2001-2004 Ph.D. in Institute of Industrial Economics Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
since 2004 Researcher in the Department of Strategy Research, National Research Center for Science and Technology for Development


among others:
Canoe Maters Series on Fortune, 2004
Research on National Policies for Endogenous Innovation, 2005
Sectoral Innovation System and Its Dynamics: the Growth Analysis on Chinese Electronics Industry, 2006
Technological Superpower China, 2006