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Zack EXLEY Political and Technological Consultant; Founder, New Consensus, New York


 Zack Exley is the co-founder of Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats, campaigns to elect young new leaders from outside of politics to Congress. One of their successful candidates was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Zack also founded New Consensus, a non-partisan think tank that develops policy and research to fuel the big dreams of a new generation of leaders. In 2016, Zack served as a senior adviser on the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and was an architect of the campaign's national volunteer-driven "distributed" campaign. Zack was an early pioneer in online political organizing and communications with MoveOn.org and the Howard Dean and John Kerry presidential campaigns. He started out as a union organizer in the U.S. South and Midwest. With Becky Bond, Zack co-authored the book Rules for Revolutionaries, How Big Organizing can Change Everything, to capture lessons from distributed organizing on the Bernie campaign. Recently, as a Harvard Shorenstein Fellow, Zack published a paper on the power of the Alt-Right on YouTube, "The Anatomy of the Worldview of an Alt-Right YouTuber."