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Alpbach Lab 3: „The Good Country Index“

Breakout / Discussion
in englischer Sprache

The lab will debate the question what countries are really for. Do they exist purely to serve the interests of their own politicians and businesses and citizens, or are they actively working for all of humanity and the whole planet? In this context participants will explore the ideas behind the Good Country Index (GCI), the latest initiative of Simon Anholt which has just launched. (Held in English)

Author, Researcher and Government Advisor, London Chair

Prof. MA Simon ANHOLT

Author, Researcher and Government Advisor, London

since 2000 Independent Policy Advisor to 53 Governments
since 2001 Vice-Chairman, UK Foreign Office Public Diplomacy Board
since 2005 Publisher, Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index/City Brands Index
since 2006 Founder-Editor Emeritus, Journal of Place Branding & Public Diplomacy
2009 Winner, Nobels Colloquia Prize for Economics
since 2014 Publisher, Good Country Index