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Hungarian Film Between 1945 and 1990: Communism and the Film Industry, Part I

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Professor and Head, Department of Security Economics, Corvinus University of Budapest
Professor and Head, Department of Film Studies, King Sigismund College, Budapest
Film Director, Budapest


Professor and Head, Department of Film Studies, King Sigismund College, Budapest

 Dr. Szekfu earned his MA and his doctor's degree at Eotvos Lorand University Budapest. He has a Ph.D. from Pecs University, a habilitation at the University of West Hungary, Sopron, and a DLA in Film Studies from the University of Theater and Film, Budapest. Also, he is Titular Professor at Pecs University. Currently Dr. Szekfu is Head of the Department of Film Studies at King Sigismund College, Budapest. His present fields of research are (Hungarian) documentary cinema and film theories of the silent era (Ivan Hevesy, Bela Balazs). Dr. Szekfu has been frequent lecturer at Hungarian, Czech and Romanian universities. Twice he was guest professor at Salzburg University, and for 9 Semesters he was guest lecturer at Vienna University. He is Vice President of the Hungarian Communication Studies Association and member of the Presidium of the Hungarian Film Club Association.


Film Director, Budapest

1973 Graduation at the Hungarian Academy of Theatre & Film Arts as cameraman and director
1973-1979 Member of the board of directors of Balázs Béla Studio, short film director of the News and a Documentary Film Studio
1981 One of the founders, executives and Director of the Társulás Studio, at the same time he is an external editor-director of the Hungarian Television
1988 One of the founders of the Mozgókép Democratic Trade Union
1989 Participant of the debate series of the Oppositional Round Table and national Round Table
1987-1995 Main director then executive of the cable channel of Zugló where he opens a documentary film and reporter workshop
1992-2002 Continuously working at the Hungarian Television, main director of the News, founder and editor-director of the political debate programme called Aktualis, producer and director of several documentary film series
1998-2002 Presidential advisor of Hungarian Television
2002-2004 Presidential advisor of Hir television