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Russia – from inside

German and English language
Staff writer, Russia Profile, Moscow
Ständiger Vertreter bei der NATO, Botschafter im Königreich Belgien
Human rights activists, Moscow
Editor, Russia Profile
Freelance Journalist; former Foreign Correspondent Eastern Europe, ORF - Österreichischer Rundfunk, Vienna Chair


Staff writer, Russia Profile, Moscow

1989-1996 worked as a political and parliamentary correspondent in Komsomolskaya Pravda daily
1996-1999 correspondent at a weekly political program on TV-6
1999-2004 the editor of the foreign department at Moscow News weekly newspaper
2004- staff writer at Russia Profile magazine

Dr. Franz CEDE

Ständiger Vertreter bei der NATO, Botschafter im Königreich Belgien

 Jusstudium, Auslandsstudien (John Hopkins-University)
1972 Eintritt in das Bundesministerium für auswärtige Angelegenheiten
 Spezialisierung im Völkerrecht
1993-1999 Leiter des Völkerrechtsbüros
 Botschaften in Paris, Rabat, Kinshasa (als Botschafter)
 Generalkonsul in Los Angelos
1999-2003 Botschafter in Russland
 seit 10/2003 Botschafter in Belgien und Ständiger Vertreter bei der NATO


Editor, Russia Profile

1992 Graduated from the Moscow State University s School of Journalism
 During his studies, spent a year as an exchange student at Sarah Lawrence College (Bronxville, New York) and a year as a visiting scholar at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism (New York City).
 Began his journalistic career in 1992 as a translator and fixer at the Moscow bureau of The Christian Science Monitor.
1995-2003 served as Moscow correspondent for Geneva-based news and features agency Ecumenical News International (ENI).
1997 joined the staff Moscow s leading independent English-language newspaper The Moscow Times, where he covered politics, media and religion as a senior staff writer. Mr. Zolotov s coverage of the takeover of NTV and TV-6 television companies, as well as other aspects of the country s media policies earned him the reputation as an expert on media issues. He has been interviewed by leading international broadcasters, such as BBC, CNN, PBS and NPR and contributed opinion pieces to The Christian Science Monitor, Nezavisimaya Gazeta and other publications. Mr. Zolotov is also recognized as an expert in Russia s religious affairs and global developments in regard to Orthodox Christianity.
2003 left The Moscow Times and ENI to develop a new project Russia Profile (www.russiaprofile.org). It is an analytical on-line and print magazine in English covering Russia s trends and developments, which is published by Independent Media publishing company (publisher of The Moscow Times, The St. Petersburg Times, Vedomosti and 11 magazines in Russia) in conjunction with RIA Novosti.

Dr. Susanne SCHOLL

Freelance Journalist; former Foreign Correspondent Eastern Europe, ORF - Österreichischer Rundfunk, Vienna

1972 Doktorat der Slawistik an der Universität Rom
1973-1974 Studienaufenthalt an der Universität Leningrad
1974-1975 Assistentin des Wien-Korrespondenten der französischen Tageszeitung "Le Monde" Manuel Lucbert
1975-1978 Redakteurin bei Radio Österreich International (RÖI)
1978-1985 Außenpolitische Redakteurin bei der Austria Presseagentur (APA)
1985-1989 Redakteurin der Osteuroparedaktion des Österreichischen Rundfunk und Fernsehen (ORF)
1989-1991 ORF-Korrespondentin in Bonn
1991-1997 ORF-Korrespondentin in Moskau (1994-1997 Leiterin des ORF-Büro Moskau)
1997-2000 Leiterin des ORF-Europajournal (Radio)
seit 2000 Leiterin des ORF-Büro Moskau