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02: Experimental economics

Seminar / Seminar
German and English language

Reading list

Seminar 1: What is experimental economics and what does it try to achieve?
“ Smith, Vernon: What is experimental Economics?
“ Smith, Vernon (1994): Economics in the Laboratory, Journal of Economic Perspectives 8(1), 113-131.

Seminar 2: What is the role of social norms in labour markets?
“ Falk, Armin & Ernst Fehr (2003): Why Labor Market Experiments? Labor Economics 10, 399-http://www.iew.unizh.ch/home/fehr/papers/WhyLabourMarketExperiments.pdf
“ Fehr, Ernst, & Simon Gächter (2000). Fairness and Retaliation: The Economics of Reciprocity. Journal of Economic Perspectives 14(3), 159-181. http://www.iew.unizh.ch/wp/iewwp040.pdf

Seminar 3: Who is homo economicus?
“ Camerer, Colin and Richard Thaler. (1995). Anomalies: Ultimatums, Dictators and Manners. (1995) Journal of Economic Perspectives 9(2): 209-219.
“ Henrich, Joseph, Robert Boyd, Samuel Bowles, Colin Camerer, Ernst Fehr, & Richard McElreath (2001). In search of homo economicus: behavioral experiments in 15 small-scale societies. American Economic Review 91(2), 73-78. http://www.iew.unizh.ch/home/fehr/papers/insearch.pdf
“ Glaeser, Edward, et al. (2000). Measuring Trust. Quarterly Journal of Economics 115(3): 811-46.
“ Sigmund, Karl, Martin Nowak & Ernst Fehr (2002): The Economics of Fair Play. Scientific American, January, 82-87. http://www.iew.unizh.ch/home/fehr/papers/fairplay.pdf
German version: http://www.iew.unizh.ch/home/fehr/papers/TEILENUNDHELFEN_Spektrum_der_Wissenschaft.pdf

Seminar 4: What can we learn from experiments about human nature?

“ Dawes, Robyn and Richard Thaler. (1988) Anomalies: Cooperation. Journal of Economic Perspectives 2(3): 187-197.
“ Fehr Ernst, & Simon Gächter (2002): Altruistic Punishment in Humans. Nature 415, 137-140. http://www.unipublic.unizh.ch/magazin/wirtschaft/2002/0413/Altruistic_Punishment.pdf
“ Fehr, Ernst & Urs Fischbacher (2003). The Nature of Human Altruism. Nature 425, 785-791. Available at: http://www.iew.unizh.ch/home/fehr/papers/NatureOfHumanAltruism.pdf
“ Fehr, Ernst, Urs Fischbacher & Michael Kosfeld (2005): Neuroeconomic Foundations of Trust and Social Preferences, forthcoming in American Economic Review. ftp://ftp.iza.org/dps/dp1641.pdf

Seminar 5: Gender, discrimination and stereotyping

“ C. Eckel and P. Grossman,  Men, Women and Risk Aversion: Experimental Evidence. Forthcoming in Handbook of Experimental Results, edited by C. Plott and V. Smith. New York, Elsevier.
“ C. Eckel and P. Grossman,  Differences in the Economic Decisions of Men and Women: Experimental Evidence. Forthcoming in Handbook of Experimental Results, edited by C. Plott and V. Smith. New York, Elsevier.
“ C. Eckel and R. Wilson, „Detecting Trustworthiness: Does Beauty Confound Intuition?“. Working paper, August, 2005.

Seminar 6: Risk Aversion: Measurement and calibration

“ Eckel and P. Grossman,  Forecasting Risk . Working paper, 2005.
“ Rabin, M. and Richard Thaler. 2001. Anomalies: Risk Aversion. Journal of Economic Perspectives 15(1): 219-232.
“ Kahneman, Daniel, Richard Knetch and Richard Thaler. 1991. Anomalies: The Endowment Effect, Loss Aversion and Status Quo Bias. Journal of Economic Perspectives 5(1): 193-206.

Professor, School of Social Sciences, University of Texas, Dallas Chair
Professor for the Psychology of Economic Decision Making Chair

Dr. Catherine C. ECKEL

Professor, School of Social Sciences, University of Texas, Dallas

1977 B.S., Economics, Virginia Commonwealth University
1983 Ph.D., Economics, University of Virginia
1983-1989 Assistant Professor
1987-1993 Associate Department Head
1989-1998 Associate Professor
since 1998 Professor - Department of Economics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia,
1996-1998 Program Director, National Science Foundation, Economics Program, Arlington
2002 Fellow, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin
since 2002 Director, Laboratory for the Study of Human Thought and Action, Virginia Tech
since 2004 Associate Fellow, CIRANO (Centre interuniversitaire de recherche en analyse des organisations), Montreal


Professor for the Psychology of Economic Decision Making

1984-1990 Studium der Volkswirtschaft und Philosophie
1994 Doktorat VWL
1999 Habilitation in Volkswirtschaft an der Uni Zürich
2000-2005 Ordentlicher Professor an der Uni St. Gallen
seit 2005 Professor for the Psychology of Economic Decision Making, University of Nottingham


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