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12: The Creative Process – The Choreographer’s View

Seminar / Seminar
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The task of the artist is to interpret our world to an audience. It is a courageous undertaking in that it is at once a very personal experience but also requires a sense of social responsibility. Artistic creation is an exercise in critical awareness and personal integrity.
Dance as an art form uses the body as its main tool for communication but is also reliant on music, environment, the physical range of the dancer including his or her uniqueness as a person and many other external factors that can be integrated into the performance. The use of film material, video projection and live recordings have become an important part of the total experience. In the fusion of these tools the choreographer/author has the option of commenting on a theme from various perspectives as regards time and space.
The seminar includes work with trained dancers (the Alpha Group), music resources and video approaches. We will explore movement choices from a mathematical/physical as well as from a psychological point of view.

Künstler, Graz Chair
Ballet Group of the Opera House Graz Chair


Künstler, Graz

 BG/BRG Köflach
1991 Studium Architektur TU Graz
 Mitarbeit in verschiedenenen Architekturbüros mit Schwerpunkt auf Architekturvisualisierungen und Präsentationsvideos
1997 Gründung des Plattenlabels "Ideologic" mit Pietro Masser, DJ und Musikproduzent
2001 VJ Projekt "exclusive lingerie" mit Iris Rampula
seit 2004 Zusammenarbeit mit Darrel Toulon, Videoproduktionen und live-Visuals für Tanzperformances und Theaterproduktionen


Ballet Group of the Opera House Graz

 After attending the United World College of the Atlantic in Wales, dance education began at Thamesdown Contemporary Dance Studios in Swindon, leading to a Scholarship placement at Central School of Ballet in London, under the Artistic Guidance of Christopher Gable. His career has evolved through different artistic phases, working as Dancer, Actor, Singer, Designer, Director and Choreographer for as diverse productions as Ballet, Modern Dance, German Tanztheater, Dance Video, Opera, Drama, Musical, Television and Film.
 Dance Lecturer at the Music Theater Department of the University of Arts in Graz, and Dance Advisor for the Austrian Federal Arts Council.
 since September 2001 Ballet Director, Grazer Oper, Chef-Choreographer TANZ, GRAZ
2001-2002 "Cinderella" (Music: Prokofiev); "La Libertad" (Music: Palmieri, Marsalis, Ferrelle, Kronos Quartet)
2002-2003 "Wait Until Dark" (Music: Film Soundtrack and Acid-Jazz Techno Collage); "The Princess and the Dwarf" (Music: Ravel)
2003-2004 "The Firebird / The Rite of Spring" (Music: Stravinsky)
2004-2005 "Extremotions - Love Hurts" (Music: Puccini, Ponchielli, Nazareth, Tina Turner, Steve Mackey), Premiere Festwochen Gmunden 2004; "Romeo and Juliet" (Music: Prokofiev); "Mutabor - speed transform" (Music: Gerhard Nierhaus), 1. Steirisches Künstlerfest, Helmut-List-Halle; "Fez" (Music: Ellington, Sonicphonics, Palmieri) Opening Gala of Tanzsommer Graz 2005. "Winding" (Music: Gerhard Nierhaus) commissioned for the inauguration of Hans-List-Platz by AVL.
2005-2006 "The Sleeping Beauty" (Music: Tchaikovsky)


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