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Training Course Yerevan

In November 2013, the IG Alpbach Armenia hosted a Training Course “Strengthening Responsible Citizenship for Community Development”. The project was collaboration between the EU and EaP organisations and countries. It hosted participants and trainers from the UK (Norfolk County Council), Austria (IG Alpbach Vienna), Armenia (IG Alpbach Armenia), Georgia (Children of Georgia), Ukraine (Young Economists Scientific Association) and Poland (TDM2000 Polska), thus creating a multicultural atmosphere.  By working in a range of economic and culturally diverse groups during the programme, and focusing on issues that are common to all countries it fostered an understanding their role in developing as dynamic citizens in a peaceful and cooperative Europe.

In developing the skills of young people in terms of leadership, resilience and communication the project was designed to enhance the prospects of participants in terms of their employability, their active participation in local, national and regional politics and decision making and their ability to lead, develop and contribute to the future of Europe.

The Training Course was implemented in the frame of European Commission’s Youth in Action Programme, funded by the British Council.

You will find some pictures from the Training Course “Strengthening Responsible Citizenship for Community Development“ on Facebook.