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The Forum in Alpbach

Every year since 1945, the “European Forum Alpbach” has been held in the Tyrolean mountain village of Alpbach. For almost three weeks Alpbach becomes the village of thinkers or, as Otto Molden, the founder of the Forum, called it, the “other magic mountain”. Speakers and participants from all parts of the world, from science, economics and politics, experts, decision-makers and students, come together in Alpbach to discuss current issues and to formulate interdisciplinary solutions. The open character of the events promotes a climate of tolerance for different opinions and contributes to overcoming national, ideological and disciplinary boundaries in a peaceful manner.

The European Forum Alpbach in pictures
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Now, more than 5,000 people from over 65 countries follow every year our invitation to participate in the European Forum Alpbach. The Forum is open to all those who are interested, and the events are held in German or in English.

The programme of the European Forum Alpbach is divided into the following main parts:

Seminar Week

Up to sixteen seminars are dedicated to various scientific disciplines. Participants discuss one aspect of the general theme with two renowned scientists in each seminar over six half days.

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The Alpbach Seminar Week constitutes the traditional academic part of the European Forum Alpbach. It is programmed according to the annual general topic by the Advisory Board, an interdisciplinary body of eminent scholars. The topics of the seminars range from biology, chemistry and medicine to political science, sociology and economics as well as literature and art history. Current issues are analysed theoretically, theories are elucidated through practical examples.

Each seminar is taught by two renowned researchers who make sure to keep the lectures and discussions accessible to lay people. This way, physicists may discover their enthusiasm for English literature, economists can take on anthropology as a hobby, etc. The learning experience does not end in the classroom however. Following the Alpbach tradition that any place can become home to an intellectual debate, spontaneous discussion rounds frequently spring up: during a morning hike, a lunch-time picknick or an evening in the pub.

Alpbach Symposia

These two to three-day conferences form the practice-oriented part of the Forum, dealing with the topics of health, international politics and Europe, economics and financial markets, technology and law. In addition to the symposia, the Forum offers shorter events of a similar format, such as the Tyrol Day, Artists in Discourse and a Higher Education Symposium.

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The Symposia are organised as self-contained conferences of two to three days’ duration which take place consecutively during the course of the European Forum Alpbach. They each focus on a different subject area: In addition to the Health, the Political and the Economic Symposia and the Technology Forum, the programme today offers the Law Symposium, the Financial Market Symposium and Artists in Discourse. Their programmes are designed by separate advisory boards which join together experts from the fields in question. Numerous evening receptions round off the Symposia. These social events which are open to all participants offer an opportunity for individual conversations in a relaxed atmosphere.

Alpbach Campus

Under the guidance of renowned experts, participants have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in different fields and advance their professional skills.

An example for a programme is:

Alpbach in Motion AiM

At the European Forum Alpbach, one of our most important goals is to include the voice of the young generation in our discussions and to find solutions together. Alpbach in Motion (AIM), the Alpbach Summit of Emerging Leaders, brings together 40 selected young European high potentials. During two intensive days, the group addresses the most pressing societal and economic problems of our time with a focus on finding feasible solutions. Alpbach in Motion takes place alongside the well-known high-ranking events of the European Forum Alpbach. The results of AIM are included in the Alpbach Economic Symposium.

Forum Alpbach Network Committee (FANC)

 is a group of scholarshop alumni that supports all scholarship holders on site. Additionally, the FANC organises a diverse supporting programme on site that is specifically targeted at scholarship holders such as excursions, fire side chats, clubbings, sporting events.