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What we do

The European Forum Alpbach’s events and its network of scholarship holders create an interdisciplinary platform for effective socio-political dialogue. Through its work, the European Forum Alpbach also functions as an interactive and open think tank and provides inspiration for societal debate.   

  • We organise the annual European Forum Alpbach.
  • We discuss topics in a future-oriented way in order to promote interdisciplinary dialogue and contribute to finding solutions.
  • We commit ourselves to the process of European unification.
  • We promote democracy and sustainability.
  • We work to make the voices of committed young Europeans heard.
  • We invite representatives of all democratic viewpoints and social backgrounds to engage in constructive dialogue.
  • We create a network of scientists, intellectuals, innovators, opinion leaders, decision makers, and young people.
  • We view art and culture as important catalysts and as an integral part of our work. Therefore, we invite artists and other representatives of the creative sector to join the Alpbach discussions.
  • We support our associate network of scholarship holders in the realisation of ideas and visions in the “spirit of  Alpbach”.