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The European Forum Alpbach Foundation (EFAF) was established on 15 November 2005 to support the objectives of the European Forum Alpbach. The Foundation funds Scholarships for the European Forum Alpbach with the aid of donations and it is based in Vienna.

The Scholarship Programme of the non-profit private Foundation of the European Forum Alpbach enables young people from across the world to come to Alpbach and to participate in the Forum. The scholarships vary and can range from a participation fee waiver to free room and board. Until today, hundreds of scholarship holders in Austria and more than 25 other countries have founded alumni groups, which run their own successful scholarship programmes. All in all, scholarship holders from almost 100 countries participate in the European Forum Alpbach every year.

Board Members:

Andreas Treichl
Andreas Treichl is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Erste-Stiftung. He was long-standing CEO of Erste-Group.
Caroline Hornstein-Tomić
Caroline Hornstein-Tomić, PhD is Senior Researcher (Sociology & Anthropology) at the Insitute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar / Zagreb and Co-founder & Managing Partner of THE CIVICS Innovation Hub.
Winfried Kneip
Winfried Kneip is Senior Education Consultant and former Director of Educational Affairs at Stiftung Mercator.
Boris Marte
Boris Marte is CEO of the ERSTE Stiftung.
Karl Sevelda
Karl Sevelda is a former member of the Managing Board and CEO of the RBI Group.
Howard Williamson
Howard Williamson is Professor of European Youth Policy at University of South Wales, Faculty of Business and Society.


Managing Director:

Feri Thierry


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