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ANSTOSS Demokratie

The European Forum Alpbach Foundation is committed to strengthening democratic culture through our activities. As part of Re:think Alliances, we are supporting the establishment of a decentralised hub that aims to build strategical networks and harness collective knowledge to strengthen democracy in German-speaking countries.

About the initiative

ANSTOSS DEMOKRATIE aims to build a decentralised hub of and for actors from politics, civil society, media, business and academia in the German-speaking region, i.e. in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This hub aims to strengthen the strategic networking of actors, to enable  collective action and to serve as a resource platform for those who work on strengthening democratic culture. Through the participation of  key stakeholders of a diverse and open society as possible, we aim to contribute to cross-sectoral cooperation and coordinated action.

The group of initiators includes the Robert Bosch Stiftung, the Stiftung Mercator, Mercator Foundation Switzerland, the ERSTE Foundation and the European Forum Alpbach Foundation. The International Alumni Center (iac Berlin) coordinates the incubation phase.

Further information can be found on the website of ANSTOSS Demokratie.

Call for proposals

Submit your ideas on how to strengthen democratic culture by June 25! The call for proposals can be found here.


Your contacts:

Annamária Tóth
Programme and Grants Officer

T: +43 (1) 718 17 11 24

Katia Wissinger
Junior Project Manager
T: +43 (1) 718 17 11 61