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Forum Alpbach Network

The FAN (Forum Alpbach Network) is a network of over 30 independent Alpbach Clubs (CAs) or Initiative Groups (IGs) in over 20 countries, which were founded by former participants of the Forum.

All of these are run by students and young professionals and are acknowledged as associate members of the European Forum Alpbach.

Each of the Clubs organizes independently its scholarship programme and local activities throughout the year. The effort of everyone involved is on a voluntary basis and highly motivation-driven.


FAN Board (FANB) | 2019-2022:

The Clubs elect a Board (FANB) which coordinates common activities, sets up priorities for the network and represents FAN within the Forum’s bodies and the broader public. We also nominate young experts who bring in their expertise in the work of Advisory Committees.


FAN Board (2019-2022): Tobias Neugebauer, Antonius Widmann, Valerie Hengl, Nina van der Giessen, Daniel Preisinger (until 09/2020), and Johannes Stangl


FAN Committee (FANC) | 2020-2021:

The FAN Committee (FANC) is the Forum Alpbach Network’s main organizing body during the European Forum Alpbach. Each year, another Club/IG takes over this task. Volunteers from this Club/IG work the whole year to coordinate the FAN program at the European Forum Alpbach.

In 2021, Club Alpbach Lower Austria, IG Sarajevo and the FAN Ambassador of Hungary are joining forces to act as FAN Committee.