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FAN Ambassadors

Founded in 2015, the FAN Ambassador Programme was created with the the aim of encouraging people from all over the world to join the FAN and to spread the spirit of Alpbach globally. FAN Ambassadors work in their regions of residence to inform people about the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to the European Forum Alpbach by hosting events, giving talks or creating and sharing webpages.

Who is a FAN ambassador?

One like yourself, the proactive, dedicated young professional who had the opportunity to participate at the European Forum Alpbach and experience all the perks that EFA scholarship offers.

What’s the agenda?

A FAN Ambassador is actively spreading the word about the European Forum Alpbach, targeting those who would benefit from such an event and who would bring value to the EFA pool of ideas. Get together with young professionals and students from your city or region and bring the spirit of Alpbach to your region.


You can find more information about the FAN Ambassadors Programme here.