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Conference Western Balkans 2013-2020

IG Alpbach Podgorica organised the Regional Conference of the Forum Alpbach Network “Western Balkans 2013-2020: Political, Economic and Security Challenges”, from 22 to 24 March 2013 in Tivat, Montenegro.

During the conference, three panel discussions were organised. They were attended by representatives of embassies in Montenegro, international organisations, public institutions, NGO sector, banking sector, entrepreneurs, professors, university and high school students, members of the initiative groups from the region and officials from the European Forum Alpbach.

Participants of all panel discussions addressed the youth, saying that young people should constantly work on improving their education and skills. They should also be ready to take risks and start their own business projects, but also different philanthropic actions, which would contribute not only to their personal progress, but also to development of the society as a whole.

The EFA Network Regional Conference was held in Montenegro for the first time. A compact summary and pictures are provided on the website of the IG Alpbach Podgorica.