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Organising Team

The team of the European Forum Alpbach is located in Vienna and manages the overall organisation of the main conference and the further events during the year. It ensures that all events are adequately financed and coordinated professionally, and that the events are covered appropriately in the media. In addition, the Team is in charge of coordinating the annual scholarship programme.


Porträt von Werner Wutscher

Werner Wutscher

Secretary General European Forum Alpbach


T: +43 (1) 718 17 11-12

Born as a son of farmers in the mountains of Carinthia, Werner Wutscher strongly believes that sustainability and entrepreneurship are the key strategies for the future. In 2013 he founded New Venture Scouting, where he bridges the worlds of established companies and start-ups to generate and foster innovation. As a Business Angel, he supports founders and holds investments in seven start-up companies. He worked in top management positions in the Austrian Federal Government, as Secretary General of the Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Environment, Forestry and Watermanagement and in corporate companies including Agrana Beteiligungs AG and REWE International AG. Besides a Master’s Degree in Law from the Karl-Franzens University in Graz, Werner Wutscher holds a Master’s Degree from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University (USA).
Porträt von Sonja Jöchtl

Sonja Jöchtl

Managing Director Foundation European Forum Alpbach


T: +43 (1) 718 17 11-29

Porträt von Martin Anderl

Martin Anderl



T: +43 (1) 718 17 11-34

Porträt von Marina Bartoletti

Marina Bartoletti



T: +43 (1) 718 17 11-50

Silvia Hanschur

Junior Partnership Manager


T: +43 (1) 718 17 11 - 70

Porträt von Sarah Kiparski

Sarah Kiparski

Head of Program Design & Political SymposiumSecuring Our Future


T: +43 (1) 718 17 11-41

Porträt von Hannah Kickert

Hannah Kickert

Junior Project ManagerDigitalisation


T: +43 (1) 718 17 11 - 48

Porträt von Christine Maaß

Christine Maaß



T: +43 (1) 718 17 11-49

Nikolaus Matejka

Junior Process ManagerDigitalisation


T: +43 (1) 718 11-28

Judith Mehofer

PR Manager


T: +43 (1) 718 17 11-35

Porträt von Bettina Nahajowski

Bettina Nahajowski

Project ManagerEconomic Symposium, Financial Market Symposium


T: +43 (1) 718 17 11-30

Ankica Nikolic

Head of Communications and Marketing


T: +43 (1) 718 17 11-25

Porträt von Benedikt Osl

Benedikt Osl

Junior Project ManagerDigitalisation


T: +43 (1) 718 17 11-44

Clara Rindler-Schantl

Project Manager


T: +43 (1) 718 17 11-60

Manuel Saliger

IT & Digitalisation


T: +43 (1) 718 17 11 - 21

Porträt von Elisabeth Schack

Elisabeth Schack

Head of Arts and CultureArtists in Discourse


T: +43 (1) 718 17 11-20

As a dramaturg and culture manager, Elisabeth Schack has been active for many years on the Austrian and international culture scene and in academia, and has been working in the performing arts for the last 13 years. In her role as dramaturg for the Wiener Festwochen under the management of intendants Luc Bondy and Markus Hinterhäuser and in collaboration with theatre directors Stefanie Carp, Frie Leyson and Marina Davydova, her programming has demonstrated an increasingly social and political commitment. From 2013 to 2016 she was primarily responsible for the content of the Festwochen Centre in the Vienna Künstlerhaus. A scholar of theatre studies, she is currently also working on the conception and founding of A!DRAMA (a university course for applied dramaturgy in music and the performing arts together with Barbara Kremser) at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, and on a dissertation on the role of dramaturgy in the performing arts.
Porträt von Christiane Schwaiger

Christiane Schwaiger

Executive Department Digitalisation & IT


T: +43 (1) 718 17 11-18

Originally from the Austrian region Vorarlberg, Christiane moved to Vienna to pursue translation studies. In addition to studying abroad in France, Spain and Mexico, she acquired professional experience by working for an event agency, specialising on the environmental and agricultural sector, advancing to head of the office. In 2012, she began working at the European Forum Alpbach as Assistant to the President, taking on various projects such as Re:think Austria, the organization of the 70th anniversary of the Forum or the Energy Forum in Bolzano. Since 2017, she has been entrusted with the Project Lead of Digital Transformation.

Floria Springer

Project ManagerThe Climate Opportunity


T: +43 (1) 718 17 11-26

Porträt von Maximilian Steinbrenner

Maximilian Steinbrenner

Financial Planner, Assistent to the Secretary General


T: +43 1 718171112

Porträt von Annamária Tóth

Annamária Tóth

Programme OfficerEuropean Forum Alpbach Foundation



T: +43 (1) 718 17 11-24

Raised in Hungary and Austria, Annamária majored in English and American studies at the University of Vienna with exchanges at the Université Paris IV – La Sorbonne and the University of Toronto. After that, Paris called her back, and she read European affairs at Sciences Po. She has worked for EFA for several years: as editor of Alpbach News, as a volunteer and since 2012 as project manager for the Political Symposium, Re:think Alliances and other events.
Porträt von Andrea Windegger

Andrea Windegger

Junior Project ManagerAdministration, Digitalisation


T: +43 (1) 718 17 11-47

Porträt von Katia Wissinger

Katia Wissinger

Junior Project Manager, Re:Think AlliancesEFA Foundation


T: +43 (1) 718 17 11-61

Porträt von Bernadette Zimmermann

Bernadette Zimmermann

Project ManagerSeminar Week


T: +43 (1) 718 17 11-40