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Several expert bodies advise and support the European Forum Alpbach in the programming of its symposia and events.

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board is one of the central bodies of the European Forum Alpbach with regards to content programming: It proposes the general themes for the annual main event, prepares the Seminar week and provides the Council and the Steering Committee with advice and recommendations regarding the programme content. The Scientific Advisory Board consists of 30 renowned scientists and eminent representatives of the cultural sector, who choose one chairperson from among themselves. Currently, Caspar Einem holds this position.

Members of the Scientific Advisory Board

  • Caspar Einem (Head of the Scientific Advisory Board, Vice President of the European Forum Alpbach)
  • Brigitte Bach (Wien Energie GmbH)
  • Gerald Bast (University of Applied Arts Vienna)
  • Walter E. Feichtinger (National Defence Academy, Institute for Peace Support and Conflict Managment)
  • Ulrike Felt (University of Vienna, Department of Science and Technology Studies)
  • Fatima Ferreira-Briza (Paris-Lodron-University OF SALZBURG )
  • Eva Flicker (University of Vienna, Department of Sociology)
  • Elisabeth Freismuth (Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research)
  • Martin H. Gerzabek (Christian Doppler Forschungsgesellschaft)
  • Markus Hengstschläger (Medical University of Vienna, Institute for Medical Genetics)
  • Martin Kocher (Institute for Advanced Studies)
  • Sabine Ladstätter (Austrian Archaeological Institute)
  • Stefanie Lindstaedt (Graz University of Technology, Knowledge Technologies Institute)
  • Wolfgang Lutz (Vienna Institute of Demography, Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capital)
  • Irmgard Marboe (University of Vienna, Department of European, International and Comparative Law)
  • Tilmann Märk (University of Innsbruck)
  • Gerd Müller (University of Vienna, Department of Theoretical Biology)
  • Christa Neuper (University of Graz)
  • Manfred Nowak (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights)
  • Helga Nowotny (European Research Council)
  • Peter Purgathofer (Technical University of Vienna, Institute for Design and Assessment of Technology)
  • Miriam Rehm (University of Duisburg-Essen, Institute for Socio-Economics)
  • Kirsten Rüther (University of Vienna, Department of African Studies)
  • Christoph Schneider (Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Department of Economic Policy)
  • Margit Schratzenstaller-Altzinger (Austrian Institute of Economic Research)
  • Renée Schroeder (University of Vienna, Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology)
  • Franz Schuh (Writer)
  • Stefan Thurner (Medical University of Vienna, Section for Science and Complex Systems)
  • Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik (University of Vienna, Department of East Asian Studies)

Corresponding members of the Scientific Advisory Board

  • Petar Bojanić (CAS – Centre for Advanced Studies of South Eastern Europe)
  • Paul Dujardin (BOZAR – Centre for Fine Arts Brussels)
  • Pascale Ehrenfreund (DLR – German Aerospace Center)
  • Irene Giner-Reichl (Austrian Embassy Brasilia)
  • Hermann Hauser (Amadeus Capital Partners Ltd.)
  • John-Dylan Haynes (Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience)
  • Sabine Junginger (Lucerne School of Art and Design)
  • Hedwig-Josefine Kaiser (University of Basel)
  • Lisa Kaltenegger (Cornell University, Carl Sagan Institute)
  • Jan Kickert (Permanent Representative of Austria to the United Nations)
  • Wilhelm Krull (Volkswagen Foundation)
  • Burton Lee (Stanford University, Department for Mechanical Engineering – Design)
  • Konrad Paul Liessmann (University of Vienna, Department of Philosophy)
  • Nathalie Loiseau (French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs)
  • Dominik Markl (Pontifical Biblical Institute)
  • Thomas Mayr-Harting (EEAS – European External Action Service)
  • Jürgen Mlynek (Falling Walls Foundation gGmbH)
  • Berthold Molden (University of Vienna, Department of History)
  • Patrizia Isabelle Nanz (IASS Potsdam, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies e.V.)
  • Friedrich B. Prinz (Stanford University, Department of Mechanical Engineering)
  • Michael Reiterer (EEAS – European External Action Service)
  • David Rejeski (Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Science and Technology Innovation Programme)
  • Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen (Free University of Bozen)
  • Nona Shepphard (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art)
  • Elisabeth Wehling (University of Berkeley, Department of Linguistics)
  • Howard Williamson (University of South Wales, Faculty of Business and Society)
  • Ruth Wodak (Lancaster University, Department of Linguistics and English Language)
  • Klaus Zeyringer (Literary Critic)

Advisory Committees

The advisory committees are responsible for programming the annual European Forum Alpbach as well as numerous events taking place during the year. The committees consist of scientists and practitioners as well as representatives of the European Forum Alpbach.

Advisory Committee Health Symposium

  • Clemens Auer (Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection)
  • Alena Buyx (Technical University Munich)
  • Amin El-Heliebi (Forum Alpbach Network)
  • Karl Forstner (Austrian Medical Chamber)
  • Michaela Fritz (Medical University Vienna)
  • Julian M. Hadschieff (PremiQaMed Management)
  • Hedwig J. Kaiser (University of Basel)
  • Robert Körbler (Philips Austria)
  • Michael Landau (Caritas Austria)
  • Philippe Narval (European Forum Alpbach)
  • Sigrid Pilz (Vienna Nursing and Patient Advocate)
  • Josef Probst (Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions)
  • Viktoria Stein (International Foundation for Integrated Care)
  • Christa Wirthumer-Hoche (Agency for Health and Food Safety)
  • Johannes Zschocke (Innsbruck Medical University)

Advisory Committee Tyrol Days

  • Andreas Altmann (Management Center Innsbruck)
  • Matthias Fink (Joint Office of the European Region Tyrol – South Tyrol – Trentino)
  • Franz Fischler (European Forum Alpbach)
  • Wolfgang Fleischhacker (Medical University Innsbruck)
  • Martin Kubat (Club Alpbach TYrol)
  • Simon Lochmann (Land TYrol)
  • Paolo Lugli (Free University of Bolzano/Bozen)
  • Tilmann Märk (University of Innsbruck)
  • Roland Psenner (Eurac Bolzano)
  • Veronica Rungger (Club Alpbach TYrol)
  • Julia Sandrini (Club Alpbach South Tyrol)
  • Ulrike Tanzer (University of Innsbruck)
  • Ulrike Tappeiner (Free University Bolzano/Bozen)
  • Francesca Valentini (Club Alpbach Trentino)
  • Jens Woelk (University of Trento)
  • Giuseppe Zorzi (Autonomous Province of Trento)

Advisory Committee Legal Symposium

  • Sonja Barnreiter (Forum Albpach Network)
  • Maria Berger (Universität Wien)
  • Ludwig Bittner (Österreichische Notariatskammer)
  • Tamara Ehs (Universität Salzburg)
  • Caspar Einem (European Forum Albpach)
  • Michael Enzinger (Rechtsanwaltskammer Wien)
  • Michael Holoubek (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien)
  • Martin Kreutner
  • Brigitte Loderbauer (Oberstaatsanwaltschaft Innsbruck)
  • Klaus Poier (Universität Graz)
  • Alexander Somek (Universität Wien)
  • Michael Somlyay (Österreichisches Bundesministerium für Justiz)
  • Richard Soyer (Johannes Kepler Universität Linz)
  • Verica Trstenjak (Universität Wien)
  • Eva Tscherner (DDr. Karl Scholz Rechtsanwalts GmbH)
  • Alma Zadić (Nationalratsabgeordnete)

Advisory Committee Political Symposium

  • Almina Bešic (Forum Alpbach Network)
  • Erhard Busek (European Forum Alpbach)
  • Vedran Džihic (oiip – Austrian Institute for International Affairs)
  • Walter Feichtinger (Austrian Federal Ministry of Defence and Sports)
  • Franz Fischler (European Forum Alpbach)
  • Ulrike Guérot (Danube University Krems – University for Continuing Education)
  • PAVEL KABAT (World Meteorological Organization)
  • Kilian Kleinschmidt (IPA – Innovation & Planning Agency Association)
  • Gerald Knaus (ESI – European Stability Initiative)
  • Alexander Marschik (Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs)
  • Thomas Mayr-Harting (European External Action Service)
  • Emilia Pasquier (POLITICAL ANALYST & Advisor to the Minister of Home Affairs)
  • Sonja Puntscher Riekmann (European Forum Alpbach)
  • Shalini Randeria (IWM – Institute for Human Sciences)
  • Verena Ringler (Independent EU Affairs Advisor)

Advisory Committee Economic Symposium

  • Christoph Badelt (WIFO – Austrian Institute of Economic Research)
  • Wolfgang Eichert (Forum Alpbach Network)
  • Anna Handschuh (Elephant Strategy)
  • Martin Kocher (IHS – Institute for Advanced Studies)
  • Georg Kopetz (TTTech Computertechnik AG)
  • Bernhard Marckhgott (Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich)
  • Philippe Narval (European Forum Alpbach)
  • Claus J. Raidl (European Forum Alpbach)
  • Emanuel Riccabona (Impactory, Alpbach in Motion)
  • Franz Schellhorn (Denkfabrik Agenda Austria)
  • ChRISTA SCHLAGER (Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour)
  • Christoph Schneider (Austrian Federal Economic Chamber)
  • Agnes Streissler-Führer (Union of Private Sector Employees)

Advisory Committee Financial Market Symposium

  • Willi Hemetsberger (Ithuba Capital AG)
  • Sonja Jöchtl (European Forum Alpbach Foundation)
  • Jeffrey Owens (WU Vienna University of Economics and Business)
  • Claus J. Raidl (European Forum Alpbach)
  • Franz Rudorfer (Austrian Federal Economic Chamber)
  • Christoph Schmidinger (Forum Alpbach Network)
  • Agnes Streissler-Führer (Union of Private Sector Employees)
  • Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell (WIFO – Austrian Institute of Economic Research)

The Alpbach Technology Symposium is curated by the Austrian Institute of Technology in cooperation with Radio Ö1.