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Supervisory Bodies

The Council

The Council follows the activities of the association “European Forum Alpbach” and supports the compliance with its aims. It sets the principle guidelines for the functions of the association’s bodies and the preparation of the programme. It is composed of people who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment towards the association.

Members of the Council

Peter C. Aichelburg, Martin Bernhofer, Jürgen Busch, Verena Ehold, Friedrich Gleissner, Erich Gornik, Ivo Greiter, Wolfgang Habermayer, Michael Haider, Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger, Günter Hillebrand, Herwig Hösele, Michael Ikrath, Beatrix Karl, Wolfgang Knoll, Georg Kopetz, Kathryn List, Johann Luif, Ulrike Lunacek, Christian Macek, Bernhard Marckhgott, Thomas Mayr-Harting, Beate Meinl-Reisinger, Patricia Mussi-Mailer, Dieter Natlacen, Ewald Nowotny, Johannes Ortner, Klaus Poier, Filip Radunovic, Reingard Rauch, Wolfgang Renner, Verena Ringler, Walter Rothensteiner, Sabine Schindler, Christoph Schneider, Rainer Schrems, Matthias Strolz, Alexandra Terzic-Auer


The Auditors are in charge of the revision of the financial activities of the Association and report to the General Assembly.


Günther Schrems, Max Kothbauer

Arbitration Board

The Arbitration Board mediates disputes within the association. It consists of members elected by the General Assembly.

Arbitration Board

      Michael Neider, Katharina Scherke, Matthias Strolz, Franz Zöchbauer


The European Forum Alpbach is organised and registered as a charitable organisation. The members of the association are from the public sector, friends and supporters of the European Forum Alpbach and former scholarship holders. The main assembly for all member of the association “European Forum Alpbach” is the General Assembly, which is convened at least once a year. The General Assembly elects the central bodies of the association, approves the management of public finances and can take a stand and decide on various matters.