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ART | Andrea Salzmann

No Border, No Nation
Andrea Salzmann

Sound Design: Sebastian Meyer

Commissioned Work for the EFA 2020

The installation could be experienced in the village of Alpbach as part of the EFA20 and digitally on the homepage of the European Forum Alpbach 2020.

“What happens when flags – representing nations – begin to dissolve? When clear colours melt into pastel shades? Then the construct of the nation state is exposed and offers space for solidary thinking, acting and doing. Communities could be reshaped in a global cooperation – beyond exclusion and isolation. A booming bass also calls for the inclusion of human rights as the new foundation of a global community. (Andrea Salzmann)

Sound: 1st paragraph of the Convention of Human Rights. The Convention of Human Rights forms the basis for a new community. It is fragmented in Sebastian Meyer’s sound and forms an audible network of roots for a new foundation. The flags are thus extended into the ground.

“Andrea Salzmann designed new flags that carry the call for global equality and solidarity. In her view, identity should not be derived from artificially created nation states, but from the Declaration of Human Rights. To make this vision a reality, national flags and our societies as we know them must change. That is why the bright red, blue, black and yellow will liquefy, dissolve and mix with other colours until the nation is a memory on which we build a more united, just and peaceful community. The European Forum Alpbach is the community that fights for these ideals and will therefore wave Andrea Salzmann’s flags as a symbol of the process of overcoming old lines that divide us and strive for more”.

Andrea Salzmann’s artistic works always deal with structures and political systems. Critical of representation, she thus designs participatory utopias. Born in Bregenz near Lake Constance, she lives and works in Vienna. She teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Department of Performative Art. She trained as a photographer and studied theatre, film and media studies and gender studies at the universities of Vienna and Antwerp. Collaborator at the european institute for progressive cultural policiies (eipcp) (Translation as a future language). Her main focus is on the development of a feminist practice that deals with the question of how a community is constructed and how it develops its own narratives.  She develops multimedia installations – always starting from a performative approach and an intensive examination of the materials/objects used.

(c) Andrei Pungovschi
(c) Luiza Puiu


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