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Andreas Treichl appointed President of the European Forum Alpbach

The General Assembly of the European Forum Alpbach today voted in favour of Andreas Treichl and his board of six international experts.

Vienna, 12 November 2020 – Andreas Treichl, long-standing CEO of Erste Group, succeeds Franz Fischler as President of the European Forum Alpbach. This was decided by the General Assembly of the Forum in an extraordinary assembly on 12 November 2020. Its Vice-Presidents will be Marie Ringler, European Head of Ashoka, Katja Gentinetta, Swiss political philosopher and university lecturer, geopolitical expert and military sociologist Florence Gaub, the Director of the European Academy of Diplomacy in Warsaw and Programme Director of the Warsaw Security Forum Katarzyna Pisarska and Michaela Fritz, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation at the Medical University of Vienna.

Shalini Randeria, Director of the Institute of Human Sciences, who is already on the EFA Board, will remain on the Board of the Forum. Andreas Bierwirth, CEO of Magenta Telekom, could be won as financial advisor. The team will be completed by Werner Wutscher, who has already been in office as Secretary General since 1 October 2020.

“In 2020, all of us must be concerned about the future of the European Union. 20 years ago, the EU grew – and so did its significance in the world. Today however, it is shrinking – as is its influence. Therefore, it is in our own interest to find the energy and courage to reverse this process and to reaffirm Europe’s place in the world. In this context, the European Forum Alpbach 2021 is as imperative as it was in 1945: Democracy, openness, a culture of discussion, and a balanced society are the foundations to a better life for everyone. This message must be instilled in the hearts and carried out into the world.”, said Treichl.

At the same time, he said, concrete initiatives were needed to support Europe’s position in science, education, business and culture in a wide range of areas. The Forum – like the rest of the world – is in an unusual and challenging situation, but has always proved in the past that it is capable of growing in its challenges and taking bold steps into the future.

“The Forum is intended to be a platform that makes concrete contributions to the promotion of European unification on key issues for the future such as climate policy or European competitiveness in the technology sector”, said Treichl. It is essential to see Europe’s unique access, liberal democracy, openness and tolerance and the most socially balanced society possible not as an obstacle but as our greatest strength, emphasised Treichl, who concluded by thanking Franz Fischler for his commitment to the EFA during the more than eight years of his presidency.

The Forum Alpbach 2021 will probably take place at the usual time in August under the general theme “The Great Transformation”.


Vienna, 12 November, 2020