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We live in an age that demands moonshots: exponential technological growth, a race to the bottom (resources), and the climate crisis are changing the ‘operating space’ (Rockstroem 2009) for businesses and our living environment more than ever before in human history.

We believe this shift is the launchpad for moonshots. Why? Because we see these risks as nothing less than fundamentally game changing opportunities.

The time is now for bringing together the right people, disciplines, and technologies. Our challenges ask for new transformative leadership and the break down of silos. make_shift is the place where moonshot learning happens, and we invite leaders who want to prepare for these opportunities to join us.


Who you will meet

Your collaborators will be an invited group of ‘shift_makers’.

  1. The international business leaders who are building innovation and leading companies through business transformation;
  2. The moonshot experts for the course change that we need to mitigate the climate crisis and accelerate the global transition;
  3. The unusual suspects who help us to understand how to adapt more quickly to exponential technological growth and to unleash people potential.


What you will learn

Participants will come away with:

√ An understanding of global sustainability transformation, megatrends, circular economy, technological opportunities, and planetary boundaries;

Methods to discover and unlock the potential of white space opportunities to innovate and transform current business;

√ Key insights to deliver on sustainable business strategy: collaborative leadership know-how focusing on planet- and people-centred innovation, culture, and change;

√ A great network of change makers and access to an international community of thought-leaders and sustainable business transformers;

√ Know-how and tailor-made learning material to continue work with;

√ Not just another executive training—a unique programme in an interactive learning space in a beautiful location in the Austrian Alps.


What you are going to do

make_shift is about the leadership necessary to embrace future markets and game changing opportunities arising out of the climate crisis, technological disruption and human behaviour.
make_shift is a collaborative learning journey that equips leaders with the mindset, the unusual insights, and the ‘how’ to build future-ready businesses for a low/zero-carbon circular economy.
make_shift encourages participants to co-create with peers and receive feedback from international experts and coaches on their journey from concrete projects for sustainable business transformation.



Date and Location: 30 August – 01 September 2020, Alpbach, Tyrol

Application: Please check back with us at the end of February 2020.


Explore our Programme 2019 – the Shortest Way to Inform Yourself About make_shift



The Time for Moonshots is Now!

We live in an age of two major interconnected and accelerating developments—climate crisis and technological growth.

Shift happens. We are convinced that the world must launch extremely ambitious and innovative moonshots now to check climate change by combining the right smart technologies with human behaviour. We have the means, the human abilities, the technology, and the resources to take on this challenge and change course.

Today’s experts in moonshots, disruption, and rapid acceleration are technology companies and new disruptive business models. At the core of their success are new people-centred approaches and an understanding of human behaviour and how to nudge it. That is why we gave human behaviour a central place in our learning journey.

How can we push the boundaries of human potential and organizations to build future-ready business cases to bring these challenges together and make moonshot projects happen?

We are convinced that to do so, we need to reframe, rethink, and relearn. That is why we created make_shift as a place for collaborative learning.


Methodoloy and Learning Design

Shift happens. These three pillars of change guide the learning journey and provide the structure for the learning process:


Large-scale system transformation and global change. How are they affecting your business and what are the game changing opportunities?



From planet- and people-
centred innovation and transformative leadership. How can we lead business transformation?



How to build successful future-ready businesses? Learning from the front-runners.


Using these three pillars of change, you are in a position to lead and transform your business beginning with strategic moonshots.



How to join us

Participants’ Profile

Business leaders from middle to senior management and business owners with the ambition and mandate to lead sustainable business transformation.

The future is now, so we believe that young people must have a seat at the table whenever appropriate as plans affecting the future are discussed and made. If desired, senior management participants have the option to include a young person from their organization as well, along with them, someone who shows potential to be a future leader and change-maker.

Diversity: We believe that the world is diverse, and we encourage women and people from all backgrounds and origins to apply and to attend.


Date and location

30 August – 01 September 2020, Alpbach, Tyrol


Come Join Us

If you want to learn more about our leadership programme please send an email to with your email signature or the following information: First Name, Last Name, Position, Organisation, Email Address, Phone Number, Country of Residence. We will add you to the mailing list and you will receive the call for application in early 2020.

In case of questions, your contact is Floria Springer, E:; T: +43 (1) 718 17 11-26.



EUR 2,990 including participation, catering, and access to the Economic Symposium on dates overlapping make_shift.

Accommodation and travel costs are NOT included; however we offer room booking services.


Data Protection

By applying to make_shift you agree that your data will be stored for the purpose of selection, registration and communication. For more details on our General Terms and Conditions please refer to:


Sounding Board

Never go alone. We are greatful to our external sounding board. make_shift has been created with the help of great minds.

Geanne van Arkel, Head of Sustainable Development, Interface EMEA (NL),

Renat Heuberger, Founder and CEO, South Pole Carbon (CH),

Philipp Glöckler, Serial Entrepreneur (D),

Dr. Martin Stuchtey, Professor for Resource Strategy and Management, Innsbruck University and Founder and Managing Partner, SYSTEMIQ (D),

Anna Kirah, Founder Kirah AS, (NO)


External Programme Curator

Anna Handschuh, Founder, Elephant Strategy, Consultancy for Strategic Innovation (D)


Join the Mailing List

If you want to learn more about our leadership programme please send an email to with your email signature or the following information: First Name, Last Name, Position, Organisation, Email Address, Phone Number, Country of Residence. We will add you to the mailing list and you will receive the call for application in early 2020.