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Strengthening European networks of professionals

Together of the National Endowment of Democracy (NED), the European Forum Alpbach has invited civil society activists, journalists and academics from Central and Eastern Europe to join the European Forum Alpbach 2019.


Professional journalism training – in Cooperation with Thomson Reuters Foundation

In cooperation with the Thomson Reuters Foundation and supported by the National Endowment for Democracy, 10 professional journalists from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), will be trained by Thomson Reuters media experts.

Liberty and Security are omnipresent topics in today’s world – especially to you as journalists. The focus of this workshop, taking place from 22-27 August 2019 will be on democracy, politics, and law. During their stay in Alpbach, journalists have access to the Forum’s Political and Legal Symposium, and the chance to experience a mix of innovators, policy makers and drivers of change with differing perspectives who will help you dig deeper and gain insights into diverse issues that are tracked at the Political and Legal Symposium, such as the strengthening of democracy and rule of law, the protection of civic and human rights, the collaboration with the EU and its partners, and the facilitation of sustainability transformations – all in relation to liberty and security. The workshop is an opportunity to join and inform the debate on the way forward and to encourage your readers, listeners and viewers to join that debate and make their voices heard. We will explore what liberty and security mean with regard to topics that make headlines on a daily basis. In a world driven by vested interests, this workshop offers you a chance to discover WHO might be doing WHAT to WHOM, WHY and HOW, and WHO are, or should be, the gatekeepers.


Inviting NGO Professionals

Selected applicants will participate in the Alpbach Political and Legal Symposium (August 24 – 27, 2019) as well as further networking events and workshops organised exclusively. The Alpbach Political and Legal Symposium is a flagship event of the Forum dedicated to debating key issues in politics and policy in three areas: innovation in democracy and governance, European affairs, global challenges and solutions.

Participation will provide the professionals with new insights on the challenges young democracies are facing and on how to solve them. They will meet high-level decision makers and renowned scientists on an eye-to-eye level as well as benefit from the existing international network of young academics, journalists, and members of civil society. They will experience an interdisciplinary dialogue in a culturally diverse setting.