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Alpbach in Motion

Alpbach in Motion – The Alpbach Summit of Emerging Leaders (AIM) 2016 brings together 40 selected young European leaders from the areas of business, start-ups, small and medium- sized businesses, social businesses and the creative industries. During two intensive days in Alpbach, the group will tackle relevant questions regarding Europe’s economy. The goal is to gain new perspectives on economic and societal processes and to work on feasible ideas and implementable innovations that make a difference in their own organisations or environments.

Selected mentors will join the group for input and discussions. Mentors were, among others, Irish philosopher Charles Handy, Czech economist Tomáš Sedláček and Earth Institute Director Jeffrey Sachs. Facilitation is provided by freims: contemporary consulting.

If you are interested in “Alpbach in Motion” in summer 2016, please contact Charlotte Steenbergen ( Further details will be announced in February 2016.

The programme will run from August, 28. – 30. 2016.

For your application you need to hand in your CV, a motivational letter, and a recommendation letter from a senior. A participation fee is required.

Report & Pictures: Alpbach in Motion 2015

Here ist the “Graphic Portrait” of “Alpbach in Motion” 2014  AIM2014lookbook

The Austrian economic magazine TREND portrayed “Alpbach in Motion” 2013. Please find the report here.

Snapshots from Alpbach in Motion 2014

Die TeilnehmerInnen von Alpbach in Motion vor der Bergkulisse des Alpbachtals (Foto: Philipp Naderer).

Die TeilnehmerInnen von Alpbach in Motion 2014 diskutieren auf einer Alpbacher Alm (Foto: Philipp Naderer).

Die TeilnehmerInnen von Alpbach in Motion 2014 wandern im Alpbachtal (Foto: Philipp Naderer)

Fireside-Talk mit dem irischen Wirtschaftsphilosophen Charles Handy (Foto: Philipp Naderer)

Arbeitskreis der TeilnehmerInnen von Alpbach in Motion 2014. (Foto: Luiza Puiu)

Arbeitskreis der TeilnhermerInnen von Alpbach in Motion 2014. (Foto: Luiza Puiu)

Workshop während Alpbach in Motion 2014 (Foto: Luiza Puiu)

Alpbach in Motion - Gruppendiskussion - Foto: LuizaPuiu