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Alpbach Media Academy

A media laboratory for young journalists from across Europe

The Alpbach Media Academy is a unique training programme for 15 young journalism students from all over Europe. Professional mentors, in-depth seminars, fascinating interview partners and the inspiring environment of Alpbach allow a temporary laboratory to evolve, in which the future of quality journalism can be reflected upon, discussed, and realised.

We at the European Forum Alpbach believe that journalists play a vital role in our European democracies. We need journalists who can come to terms with complex, interrelated societal issues and cover them in a comprehensible and objective manner. Journalism training in Europe provides the relevant skills needed for reporting in a digital age, but time for sufficient exposure to political, economic and societal affairs is often lacking. The European Forum Alpbach offers a perfect environment for high quality journalism in an interdisciplinary and international setting. With the establishment of the Media Academy we want to contribute to a holistic education of young journalists in Europe.  

The Students 2015
The 15 Alpbach Media Academy students have been nominated by their respective universities and come from 14 different countries:
Diana Bologova (BLR), Zhuliyana Boyanova (BGR), Annie Darling (UK), Vincenzo Genovese (ITA), Ecem Hepciceklie (TUR), Andreja Korsic (SRB), Taisiia Kutuzova (UKR), Conor McMahon (IRL), Ariana Ahmadi Perez (ESP), Sarah Remsky (GER), Dafni Serpanou (GRL), Daria Skolova (RUS), Alexander Solomonov (RUS), Marlene Stocker (AUS), Anna Stribolt Rigas (DNK).

The Team 2015
Marianne Peters CV (Senior Advisor), Georg Renner (Managing Editor), Mark Meredith (Senior Editor), Willem Van der Vlught (Layout), Maialen Torres Lete (Video), Conor Campbell (Video), Aida Skirmantaite (Proofreading).

The Mentors 2015
Michael Fleischhacker CV (print and online journalism), Anke Plättner CV (TV journalism), Lukas David Wagner and Fabian Lang (multimedia journalism)

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  • Newsletter – daily updates on the highlights and most important happenings;
  • Dossiers – deeper analysis of each Alpbach Symposium; available in print and digital formats;
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