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Do you know pioneers who are improving the healthcare system? Get in touch!

The cardiologist who opened a practice in Greece for people without health insurance. The social entrepreneur who organises health courses for immigrants in Germany. The nine-year-old who blogs about school lunches and ensures that England’s schools serve up more vegetables. More and more people from all over Europe are taking the reins and trying to improve the healthcare system in differing ways. Whether it be with a project, a business, in academia or an initiative – we want to offer these pioneers a platform at the Alpbach Healthcare Symposium 2015, so that we can all learn from their valuable experiences.

A) You know pioneers?

You know pioneers in the healthcare sector who you would like to meet in Alpbach? Which initiatives impressed you? Write us a short e-mail with a description and contacts of the project by February 27, 2015 and make us aware of engaged campaigners.

B) You are personally engaged?

You are personally engaged with a pioneer project and want to pass on your experiences in order to make changes in other areas possible? Send us more information about your project by Friday, 13th March 2015, to

What information should I send to whom by when?
Please send following information:

  • Concise Title (German and English, each max. 70 characters incl. spaces)*
  • Description (German or English, each max. 600 characters incl. spaces)*
  • Further Information: Stakeholders involved, further information and links, connection to the Alpbach Healthcare Symposium: how does the project contribute to the elimination of inequality in the healthcare system?
  • Preferred presentation language (German or English)
  • Contact information (Name, Organisation, Position, E-mail Address, Telephone Number)

We will inform you about your participation in Alpbach by early April 2015. In total, 30 projects will be presented in Alpbach. A jury consisting of the members of the advisory board of the Alpbach Healthcare Symposium will decide which projects will eventually be presented. We place particular importance on the innovative approach taken by projects in order to improve the healthcare system.

*The title and description of the chosen projects will be published on our homepage. In order to reduce unnecessary work, we ask you to formulate your title and text as concisely and ready for publication as possible.


An expert committee will look through all suggestions and will invite 30 pioneers to Alpbach.