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European Forum Alpbach’s Newly Appointed Advisory Committees

Defining the general theme, designing the seminar week and building a bridge to the world of science: excellent researchers from around the world advise the European Forum Alpbach.

The European Forum Alpbach approaches the programmes of the upcoming years with new faces in its scientific bodies. In the new Scientific Advisory Board, there are 30 renowned academics, each serving a term of three-years at European Forum Alpbach. On top of these 30 professionals, 27 more scientists will act as corresponding members.
Together, they will define the annual theme and programme of the Seminar Week, the scientific heart of the European Forum Alpbach. Caspar Einem, Vice-President of the European Forum Alpbach, took over the coordination of the Scientific Advisory Board from Peter C. Aichelburg, who had made enormous contributions to improving the scientific reputation of the Forum.

“The ideas and skills of the members of our Scientific Advisory Board form the scientific basis of our programme. These members specify the direction of content and guarantee scientific quality. I am delighted that we were able to get such excellent academic minds involved again,” said Franz Fischler, President of the European Forum Alpbach.

“The knowledge of researchers is crucial for the future of our society. At a time in which facts are questioned more frequently, we aim to support the findings of scientists. We succeed because we again lead with scientists on board,” said Caspar Einem, Vice-President of the European Forum Alpbach.

Reappointment of the Advisory Committees
While the Scientific Advisory Board takes care of the big picture, the 92 members of the seven Advisory Committees support the programming of the several Alpbach Symposia. These committees are mostly made of new appointees., comprised of scientists and representatives from business, politics, culture, civil society and the Alpbach Alumni Network. They plan the programme and then suggest which individuals will speak. All committees are renewed every three years.

Members of the Scientific Advisory Board

Members of the Advisory Committees