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European Forum Alpbach 2021

This year, the Forum will take place from 18 August–3 September 2021. In any case, it will be a hybrid conference format but the degree of hybridity depends on the Corona situation.

The Forum will take place under the general topic “The Great Transformation” and aims to answer some of the most pressing questions in times of unprecedented change.

By integrating innovative formats into the programme, we follow the Forum’s newly outlined purpose and mission and will focus on the following three thematic tracks:

Securing our Future

The future is in crisis and so are the very systems that used to create predictability and certainty. To secure a positive future for Europe and the world we thus need to ask:  What kind of future Europe do we want? What do we need to make this future happen and what obstacles will we encounter on the way?

The Climate Opportunity

The climate crisis needs a systemic approach to answer intertwined sets of challenges. We see at its core an enormous opportunity that could define our era: as we design and implement solutions, we can improve the livelihood, health and wellbeing of people and nature.

The Financing of Europe’s Future

We strongly believe that fostering a competitive economy and strengthening European capital markets will enable us to not only emerge from the prevailing crisis, but also unleash a new wave of innovation for a stronger, safer, and greener Europe.



Digital Conference24 August–03 September 2021
Arts & Culture (ART)18 August–03 September 2021
Seminar Week (SEM)18–25 August 2021
Tyrol Days (TYR)21–22 August 2021
Opening24 August 2021
Intro Day & Artists in Discourse (MEET)25 August 2021
Technology (TEC)26–27 August 2021
Health (MED)27–29 August 2021
Economy (ECN)29–31 August 2021; Departure: 1 September
Politics (POL)1–3 September 2021


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