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European Forum Alpbach APP

As of this year, the European Forum Alpbach in cooperation with Superevent offers a Programme-App for Smartphones (Android and I-Phone) which allows you to receive all programme information and updates on your mobile phone.


Where can I find more info on the features of the Alpbach app?

You can find more information on Superevent features on the website or download the flyer. 

For which devices is the Alpbach mobile app available?

The app is available on iPhone, iPad and Android. Search for ‘Alpbach’ in the App Store or Google Play to download the app to your smartphone (but sign up through your Alpbach invitation email first!) We recommend to regularly update to the latest available version in the App Store or Google Play, as features and improvements are regularly added.

What to I do if I have not received the Alpbach invitation email?

Although we have implemented ways to avoid that your mail gets caught by a spam filter, it may occasionally happen. Please check your spam box.

Sometimes we find that the email address used for registration of the attendee is a personal one or the email of a secretary. Please check any (alternative) email inbox that may have been used for the Alpbach registration. If you cannot find the invitation mail, please send a request for the invitation email clearly stating your name and the correct email address to, so we can resend the invitation email to you.

Why do I need to sign up?

You need to sign up and create an account to interact with and send personal messages to Alpbach community members and other Superevent users. After you have signed up, you can re-use your account for any Superevent invitation email that you may receive in the future.

How do I sign up?

There are two ways to sign up:

  • The preferred and easiest way is to click on the green sign-up button at the bottom of the invitation email you have received. You create your account by completing the form, and choosing your username and password. This will automatically activate your account and make you an active member of the Alpbach community. Next, you install the app and sign-in with your new account. You will automatically have access to all community and event information.
  • Alternatively you can first download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Click sign-up in the app and fill in the registration form to create your account. Choose your own username and password. Now go to your email inbox and activate your account using the activation email you just received. Finally, go back to the app and navigate to Communities. Click the [+] button in the title bar and enter the 6-digit invitation code from your Alpbach invitation email.
What is the invitation code?

With the invitation code you can get access to the Alpbach community in your app, and is not needed when you follow the preferred sign up method by using the buttons in the invitation email.

The invitation code is only needed if you used the alternative sign up method Please see ‘How do I sign up?’ for more details.A community invitation code needs to be entered in Communities, and an event invitation code needs to be entered in Events.

NOTE: The invitation code is NOT your password. You choose your password during account sign up.

I cannot sign in. What do I do?

To sign in, you need to have an active internet connection. Please make sure that you do. You sign in with the username (or email address) and password that you chose during sign up.

NOTE: Your invitation code is not your password.

I am in the app but cannot see the Alpbach community or the events?

You have correctly signed up and signed in, but have not yet linked your Alpbach community. Navigate to Communities, click on [+] and enter the invitation code. The invitation code is included in the invitation email that you received from the Alpbach team.

If you have not received the invitation mail, please send a request for the invitation mail clearly stating your name and the correct email address to

I am in the app, I see the community and events, but I cannot send a message?

In this case you may not have activated your account yet after a direct sign up from the app. Shortly after sign up in the app, you should have received an activation email with a request to activate your account.

If you cannot find that email please go to and sign in. This will activate your account automatically.

I do not see the program category in the event, what do I do?

Occasionally this may happen due to internet connection problems. Please refresh the event by navigating back to the event list and pressing on the event again (with an active internet connection).

What is the ‘Star’ button for on the event and session pages?”

The ‘Star’ button is a multi-purpose button, with interactive color coding:

  • A grey star indicates you are not registered for this event.
  • A blue star indicates you are registered for this event. Press it to check-in to the event and unlock its interactive features.
  • A green star indicates you are checked-in to the event or session. Press it to check-out.

NOTE: The buttons only work with an active internet connection, and it may take some time after you press it to change its color.

I cannot send a message to another attendee?

In this case the attendee has not signed up or has not completed sign up (not activated the account)

It still does not work for me. Where do I get support?

If it still does not work, please send an email to clearly stating your name and email address. We will try to respond within 24 hours.